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Anonymous said:i've been away for a long time. i've been on a roadtrip for the past year and a bit with my best friend, actually. i've been struggling with depression and i wanted to die. i really did, that was the main reason i went on a roadtrip. i was going to die in an old motel room where my parents wouldnt have to find me and it was all planned abigail i was going to kill myself. i was going to do it. but then my best friend said he was going to come with me and i told him he couldn't but he did (1 of 3)

and i remember it was early morning at about 3am and the mountains were just starting to get this dull red glow around them and he was sitting on the roof and i was sitting on the bonnet and it occurred to me that this /this/ is what i’m going to lose. i turned to my friend and i told him ‘i came on this roadtrip because i wanted to kill myself’ and there was a long long silence and he said to me ‘i came because i didn’t want to die’ and it’s funny how the universe works in such strange (2 of 3)

ways and brought us together and maybe it was fate, maybe it was god or maybe it was something else but we’re both still alive. you used to have in your description “roadtrips are important” and, my god, they are (part 3 of 3)

i dont think i’ve ever received a more beautiful, heartbreaking message. thank you, thank you for sharing this with me.  thank you.  you are so brave. you are so fricking brave.

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