he’s trying so fricking had to act happy 

You had your mother worried sick. 
And you had your sister worried sick an’all. 
I were going to call the police. 
You would have been right to. 
Because I was concerned, son. 
Yeah, I understand that. I understand that now. 
Very concerned. 
'Cos… you know why. 
Tell me. 
You know. 
Go on, Dad. Come on, harder. Go on! 
'Cos I was worried sick!

“Sometimes I’m walking along the street and a shaft of sunlight falls in a certain way across the pavement and I just want to cry.”

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this is so me all the time

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It isn’t the storm that makes the ocean dangerous [x]

it’s who you are, kieren, running away won’t change that

guys reblog itf stuff so i dont have to go into your tags to reblog kieran walker’s face 

i cant decide what kills me worse; watching kieran cower in his bed when jem threw the glass at him or watching him pretend to eat and looking at his parents for human approval they can’t give him 

ive never heard a more creepy out of context reading of the twenty-third psalm

In The Flesh, 1x01

"I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault."